The escalate challenge

Real People in real time workouts

Join the Home Workout platform that is changing the lives of those that participate.

The last Home Workout platform that you will ever need.

It's six weeks of structured Real Time Home Workouts to help you strip body fat and transform your body shape.

Workouts that you have access to, forever.

At just 32 minutes each workout, it's hard to find a reason not to. 

Our workouts contain real people... Real members of our facility who are in the same battle as you! 

If they can do it, you can too.

what's included

World Leading Workout Videos


Real Time Workouts from the results driven and proven Escalate series.

Real People participating in Real Time Workouts.

Short on time? That's OK each workout is only 32 Minutes.

Exclusive Forever Content


Workout Plans, Fitness Guides, weekly training schedules and much more.

Fitness Testing, Measurements and a Private Support Group.

Working on the road a lot? That's OK, you can complete the workout anywhere.

Did we mention that you keep the videos and workouts forever? Meaning that you can restart the Escalate Challenge any time?

Bonus Movement Material


It's our mission to help people move better and so we have included bonus material from our innovative and popular Groundwork and Floorwork flows. 

Not sure you are fit enough? That's OK, everyone starts somewhere and nobody can judge you from your own home. Be brave.

How to sign up

Are you ready to change your life?

Choose your enrolment date and Sign Up online via the link below.

You will receive Pre Challenge Material and direct contact from the Lift UP On Demand Team on the run up to the start date.

Enrolment Dates

Our challenge start dates are

The 1st of Each Month and

The 15th of Each Month

You'll need to sign up 7 days prior to each start date in order to complete the pre challenge material.