Our Gym and Fitness Classes Explained

Booty UP

Our most popular class designed to cater for all abilities. Tone and shape is the order of the day with this class.

Booty UP

Legs and Bum Class in Evesham

Circuit Series Classes

What gym doesn't have circuit classes? 

Or circuit series mixes things up. Same results, different equipment. 

Circulate and Bells Battle

Circuit Classes in Evesham

Movement Series Classes

Gym and Fitness Classes designed with rehabilitation and movement in mind. 

Floorwork, Yoga and Pilates 

Rehab Classes in Evesham

HIIT Series Classes

Looking to get Fitter? Our HiIT series offer a great introduction to how to achieve this.

School Run, KILO, What A Waist, 4 Fit and F.E.S.T

HIIT Classes in Evesham

Escalate Series Classes

Fitness just got serious. 

Escalate, Progress and 4 Fit

Fitness Classes in Evesham

Our Gym and Fitness classes explained

Dance Series Classes

Because dancing is also smile therapy with Zumba

REP's Series Classes

Lifting weights to achieve 'tone'... Add a cardio Spike and these tend to be the complete workout.

Bar'bella', BarWars, Combine and Curls for Girls

Cycle Series Classes

Our Spin Studio offers a host of classes to cater for all abilities.

Spintro, Spin Doc, Spin, Orbit and Handle'bars'

Class Policies

  1. Should a person be unable to attend a class; the booking system will prevent cancellations within 1 HOUR. Therefore none attendees must cancel via the booking system before the 1 HOUR cut off. Failure to cancel before the 1 HOUR cut off, will result in a ‘No Show’ classification.
  2. Class users are advised not to book onto two classes happening at the same time. Therefore to choose ONE OR THE OTHER class.This includes booking onto two reserve lists, or one class and one reserve list. Lift UP will directly cancel BOTH CLASSES of any person booked onto two classes happening at the same time.
  3. Class attendees are requested to be on time. A 5 MINUTE window is given, however the class will ‘CLOSE’ at 5 minutes after it’s start time and entry will not be permitted.
  4. Class availability is now directly linked to membership type. The booking system will not permit members to book on more class than their membership type allows for. Members are advised to discuss their membership type directly with the Lift UP Team. However, as an example Lift UP Gym’s current 6 Month Direct Debit membership costs £27.99pcm and permits 10 bookable classes per week.
  5. If 1 HOUR before the class start time, a class has 3 or less members booked on, it will be cancelled by the gym. Lift UP Gym will notify those members booked on as soon as possible.